Automated animation - test subject x001

A quick test of Animation Nodes in Blender. The aim was to get an object to bounce vertically off a face and then move on to the next face and repeat the behaviour. All this is controlled with no keyframes, only time itself.

Here is the layout I used to make this. It could do with some tidy up but it works. Next step is to make this move along the normals of a face.

Three Looks of an object

This was an exercise in visualisation in Blender and its Cycles renderer. I took an old project that was done in Cinema 4D and brought it into Blender. Spending some time on the materials and lighting was the next order of business. Node based materials and the Cycles lighting model is quite different to what I am used to in Cinema 4D, but this exercise really got me familiar with the process. With my new graphics card, GPU rendering is starting to become my new friend.