A renderer's point of view

I am busy creating some glass backgrounds for one of our channels at e.tv and I thought I would experiment with some different renders. I use Cinema 4D mostly, but as Blender is now part of our tool chain, I wanted to try out Blender Internal and Blender Cycles.

So I knew that different renderers see things differently, but I could not believe how differently they saw them. The images below have gone through the compositing tool chain, and are still rough, but you will get the idea.

When you look at the renders all the reflections and refractions are completely different. The lighting set up was a little different between C4D and blender, but not dramatically so.

So which one do I like the best? 

Well I have always been a Cinema 4D fan for many years. Not only for its speed, but it has a greatly flexible renderer. However, I have to hand it to the Cycles renderer, it cam up with the most pure and organic image of the lot.